Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moving on up

Well, a template redesign wasn't near enough for me, so I've decided to move to Wordpress to focus more on my writing there while leaving this place as a more personal space for my everyday lunacy. This site will still exist, but the majority of my posts will exist there from here on out.

Thank you for reading and I hope you'll join me at my new site: http://evilgoodwin.wordpress.com

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Template Change

After some deliberation, decided my blog needed a makeover. I feel that I should opt for readability over style, so I switched to a nicer font and color scheme.

That's that.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Words Plus One Vampire

Hey everybody.

So there's a blog I read, "terribleminds" and the author sometimes puts up writing challenges. For a small distraction from some schoolwork, I thought it would be fun to try it this time. The challenge is to write a flash-fiction piece using 3 of 5 randomly generated words, plus include a vampire in it in 1,000 words or so.

Here's the link to the challenge itself: http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2011/10/14/flash-fiction-challenge-five-words-plus-one-vampire/

Sadly, I'm a bit too wordy. Not only did I go over the limit of 1,000 words . . . I did it twice. Actually, I almost did it three times, but I was able to finish with a final word-count of 2,952. Oops.

Oh well. At least I finally got to work on something new and since I rarely post actual work, here you go!

UPDATE (10-23-2011): Fixed some formatting to make it easier on the eyes.

Friday, October 14, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011: Monsters

While I didn't finish last year (looking back, it feels like I haven't worked on that story for years), I will participate again this year. For the past two months, I've been trying to start my current story but I can only make it a few scenes before I restart it. The first time, I realized that I hated my main character, so I had to kill him and restart (I literally killed him in the first attempt. Just mid-scene wrote "Suddenly, the ground opens up and sends the young man hurtling towards the fiery pits of Hell"). Second time? I ruined him even faster. In my head he was right, but on paper he just moped about like a thirteen year-old. I didn't even bother killing him and just deleted the files. This time, I've outlined the work out and I think I can pull it off, so I'm going to start it over again in November. So anyway, here's the basic info for next month's project/contest.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Death of a Truck: Unexpected Epilogue

I woke up to find that I had drunkenly typed this out without posting it sometime this morning. It has nothing to do with the truck, but has everything to do with the new car. Enjoy!

Tonight was going to be a good night. I was in a good mood and heading out my regular Thursday night place, The 04 Lounge, because the bartenders that work tonight demanded my presence (with the punishment of banishment if I did not show). I prepared myself to head to my drinking establishment and behold them with the glory of Goodwin.

I'm in a good mood. Fresh out of the shower, washing the last remnants of the previous night's hangover away, I ate a small dinner to alleviate the effects of the booze I would consume. I hop in my car (that I have officially owned a week) and head to the store for some smokes, as I had run low the previous night. Spirits were high. I hop out of my car and close my door and. . .

There is a scratch. On my driver's side. A mere prologue to the blemish exists on my fender, which leads into an epic scar that spans both doors on the vehicle's sinister side. I press my face close to the body, ever alert for places where the paneling was dented. None. Nobody had struck or scraped my week-old automobile with their own device of transport.

Some fucking lowlife had KEYED MY GOD DAMN CAR. INTENTIONALLY.

My stomach immediately filled with bile and blood. I swallowed down hate-vomit. Inhale, exhale, deep breaths. I went in, ordered my smokes and a liter of water, ignoring what I saw, hoping it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

I walk outside. I see the mark, tinted red from rage. My chest hurts, and I want to murder everything in my sight. My existence is nothing but a ball of hate, ready to consume those in my path.

I got over it. I have things in place to take care of minor exterior imperfections that may occur during my time with my vehicle. That I've owned for 7 days. That someone scratched with a key.

There is no way to find out who did it. No way to determine where it happened, when it happened. But the guilty party is lucky. Because if I do find out, I will thrust my hand into their chest and wear their heart as a bracelet, before I tear out their spine and shred their heart with jagged bone, as I spit acid into their eyes, and swear to murder everything they ever loved as their life slowly runs out in my hands.

I'm also playing Mass Effect 2 for the first time. It's a lot of fun. :-)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Death of a Truck: Part 2

Took the truck home Monday. Dropped it at the mechanic. Decided to talk to my folks about upgrading my ride so that we don't have to spend every summer making it run for one more year.

After some test-drives, I was able to walk away from the truck and get this guy:

2008 Honda CRV EX-L. 18000 miles on it, 1 previous owner.

I'll miss the truck immensely. Especially the stereo. But I'll get over it.

Now I don't have to move anybody's damn couches ever again.

The truck still exists, but I signed the title over to my Dad, who's thinking about keeping it anyway (nobody will buy it).

As for what was wrong with it? The magnet inside the distributor was broken, and the spark plugs were crummy. There you go.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Death of a Truck: Part One

Well, shit.

Was having a good day. Played some games, did some laundry, had a decent supper with a movie, the usual. Was gonna head out and have a few drinks and. . . my truck started acting poorly. It's had its issues for the past few months, sure. Some idling problems, a few engine shudders, tiny bit of slight overheating (I blame the weather for that one), but nothing that's to be expected from a 16 year-old vehicle that's had few major problems.

Tonight it decided to remind me that a major problem is overdue. A few miles down the highway and BOOM. Feels like someone set off a bomb near my truck. Bad, violent stutter. I'm a little confused, wondering what it was. Felt like it happened when changing gears. BOOM. Happens again about 20 seconds later. I'm able to turn around and get it home. No issues on the way home, acts normal. But I know that it's not. I know that something is going to give. I thought it had another year left in it. I'd be surprised if it lasted another week.

The plan was to drive it back to the hometown before the semester started and fix everything that was probably ailing it (spark plugs, possibly the distributor cap, maybe even the O2 sensor). Back home, we can fix all of that for cheap (we have a mechanic who owes us a billion favors). Now, I'm damn sure it won't make the trip.

I don't want to get a mechanic here. They're expensive and nine times out of ten, will fix the first thing they find wrong without looking for more issues. They'll rape your wallet for parts and labor and shrug in obliviousness when the problems persist. I hates them so.

Worst part is, this truck does not have a trade-in value, due to its age. I think it was worth maybe 2K when I checked the books last year, and that's when it was in "good" condition. Now that it's dying?

All we needed was to make it last one more year. I'd finish school and get a job and be able to pay for a newer vehicle as I put mine to rest. But it probably won't make it to the beginning of the semester.

It sucks. It really sucks. I'm very attached to this damn thing. I've had it since high school, and it got me out of my hometown when I was ready to move to my next stage in life. It's hauled furniture, friends, and kegs to many places in Texas. It represented my freedom: from school, life, and anything else. I didn't like being somewhere? It took me where I wanted, when I wanted. Plus, it was a blast to drive. Up until recently, it was a smooth, sturdy vehicle. I felt safe (2 tons of steel will do that). Has a good stereo, too. I spent many days driving, windows down, cigarette in hand, feeling the wind in my face while blasting classic rock. I'd never taken it on a serious road trip, though, due to it drinking fuel like it was water in the desert. As prices went up, my trips became less frequent, and as it started getting ill, I knew that it didn't have another road-trip left in it.

Hopefully, it can be fixed. Hopefully, it won't be stupidly expensive (HA!). But the Beast is dying.

Though I'm going to risk taking it to Pinballz tomorrow. I may not be able to afford a new engine, but I can afford some fucking pinball, dammit. And a tow truck.

I know it's just a truck, but it's probably the only thing I own that has helped me through the last 11 years of my life.

I'm not looking forward to the phone call to my Dad tomorrow. Or the following week. Or the following debt.

More to come as it occurs.